Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here's to livermush and wise men!

WOO HOO! And that is not for the New Year, that is for the bacon, livermush,cheddar cheese sandwich I am about to have, even if it is on wheat bread!!! I don't really get the new year hoopla, i never have. I am a daily over-reflective person, so having to reflect back over an entire year would so overwhelm my brain, it would short-circuit. Plus it's not candy holiday, so there is no clear sugary goodness guidance for celebrating. It seems to be a drinking/ fireworks holiday but so is 4th of July but the two holidays appear to have nothing else in common. I don't really get 4th of July either, but i like hambugers and hotdogs! New Years doesn't even have that! I like drinking but I'm indifferent to fireworks, plus you can drink any day. I don't mind getting dressed up, but only if I'm not keeping the shit on for long. I don't mind going out, but only I'm not going to be out long. PLUS, parties,for me, without fail, always involve the stratgetic avoidance of the garden variety, "god, you are annoying" people to the seriously, "if you speak/sing/laugh one more time, i may have to kill you" people. Work, work,work and seriously not festive!
One bright spot! I have always thought of new years eve/day as the time i had to put all the sparkling,shiny x-mas shit back up...such a pain. But yesterday right when I was starting, Spawn,slunk sleepily downstairs,saw what i was doing and practically had a meltdown. NO LIE!
He yelled at me to "stop right there, Missy!" for a second I had to look around and make sure I wasn't caressing a naked cowboy in the living room in plain view of the child. He went on to tell me that we would not be taking down ANY of the WINTER decorations, not the tree, not the santa/snowman collection, not the silver snowflakes...none of it.
Having exhasted himself from the tirade he slumped on the couch and said we could put the stocking up as they were "lame ducks"! I started to ask him to explain that ,just for fun ,but i realized he would, so i didn't!
This was FINE with me, because except for laundry, that was all i had on my "to do "list. So the winter decorations are staying up and I have more time to catch up on season 3 of Trueblood.
But here is the cool thing. My friend Karen, who is a preacher, so she KNOWS this stuff, told me Spawn was actually right on to stop the dismantlement( i realize this may not be a word ).

She said,"The Pastor says: remember that Christmas isn't over until 12 days after Christmas which is Epiphany. Epiphany is on January 2nd.'re supposed to keep up the decorations until those wise men (oxymoron) come...or until you have an epiphany!!!"
So, since we know the "wise men" aren't coming-lol-I am keeping everything up until I have an epiphany! any day now... ;)


  1. Here is to old years eve, contemplating an epiphany in a melted, vanilla ice cream puddle....

  2. Now Missy,
    Just how do you know a wise man isn't coming your way?

  3. i so don' up! lol

  4. lookin up for the blimp