Monday, January 31, 2011

butter OWNS me!

SO "way too famous rodent/lovy dovy" month, also know as "shank me " month is ALSO -woo hoo-the month a year ago I gave up NEWS! I have not listened to NPR, read a newspaper, watched local or national news, read one bit of news, important or just entertainment in ONE year! Do I feel less informed-YES I DO! Do I feel less stressed and worried-YES I DO! Do I cuss less-yes somewhat!

And I haven't watch ANY TV in a year except for True Blood, Spartacus, Trailer Park Boys and an occasional episode of The League-which i am strangely drawn to but can only watch one episode at a time because every episode so satisfies my "MEN might be STUPIDER than I thought" jones! More than one episode at a time might cause me to OD!

Anyway I have had time this year to think about more important things than the turmoil of the world, the state of the union or who got shot outside a nightclub in Charlotte, or who got arrested for prostitution outside the bathrooms in the square of downtown Hickory! :)

And one of the things I have thought alot about is BUTTER! Stick,tub,pat,sweet,creamy, salted,unsalted- Butter is the PERFECT food-I have decided! NOT ONLY does it taste phucking perfect all by adds such taste perfection to everything you add it to. Whether you are frying,grilling,marinating, saute-ing, baking, whipping, icing..butter makes everything better-butter is my favorite food-bar none! I will confess to be being a dairy product whore but butter owns me!
AND AND!!!! it is such a great word..buttery smooth,buttery hot, warm and buttery(dang i am feeling something-aren't YOU!)like butter, butterfly, butter!
butter it up. butter cup!


  1. I had a boxer nammed boo boo, her coat was soo smooth i used to call her "buttery smooth booboo" she was all right, butter face......

  2. buttery nipple. It's good. Try one sometime. :)

  3. OMG..could anything be better than a buttery nipple!