Thursday, April 17, 2014

Netflixs and marathon kissing!

So as we approach Spawn's 17th birthday, for the past almost year, I have left for work every morning saying, "Have a good day, son! Pay attention in class and get a job! I love you!"
To which he has replied everyday either with " Have a good day, mom and I would rather have girlfriend! I love you or Have a good day and you suck and I love you." Either way starts my day starts sparkly!
 Or it could be the 2  steak biscuits  I order and get from Melissa at the drive thru window at Bo Jangles.  Melissa calls me "April honey",always makes sure I get mustard packets and occasionally likes to ask me questions about her EBT card although I have assured her over and over that is not what I do at DSS. Could be a bit of both but my day starts sparkly!
But now Spawn has both a JOB and a girlfriend.  He starts the job tomorrow and I try to have a SERIOUS talk about being a good employee and he looks me dead in the eye and says, " If you tell me one more more time about working 7 days a week at Brown cafeteria and having to wear a hairnet and working after many years up to dessert girl while you were in high school in the school that had all 12 grades in one building, I am going to start making you look at twitter posts I find amusing!"
uhhh...I hate that. (change the subject...obviously he has heard my job talks in the past and retained some of it)
M: So how is Lauren? Is she coming over tonight?
The girlfriend thing is very interesting. She is a senior..he is not. She plays HS soccer... he plays HS nothing.  She has been accepted to APP..which just sucks but there you go.. Spawn is going to move mountains to get his GPA out of "you will be going to community college after you graduate". It appears they have Netflixs, a love of marathon kissing, dark rooms and pot smoking (no confirmation on this just a hunch) in common.  She appears to be a appears to be a lovely young girl.  But on weekends they sit in the dark in the playroom and watch Netflixs for hours and kiss...the playroom is open on both sides so even though I try to hum loudly and walk heavily as I go by sometimes they just don't hear me. I call them vampire children.
I am happy for Spawn that he finally has a girlfriend who doesn't have a monkey and whose father doesn't drive his family and daughters new boyfriend to buy a "trailer" in the hood with wads of cash and a gun Sorry.... last girlfriend...scary!
I am proud and happy that Spawn finally has a job.  Of course having the sucking sound coming from my wallet every time he walks in the room decreasing would be phucking excellent!
Most of all I am happy to have a raised a kid who sends me off almost every morning with a you suck and and I love you! :)