Saturday, January 15, 2011

CANDY Nails and chatter

snow,spawn,work,can't get to work,snow spawn,work for WHATEVER reason-I got two weeks behind on my dang Deja Vu nail appointment-which for some insane reason causes me great muted panic! This has only happened one time before in the past year and it caused me to have to go to my boss, THE LEAVE OGRE, and say,"I am going to have to take an extra half hour at lunch today to get my nails done because if I don't, I think I may seriously shank myself." I think she had never heard the word "shank" before and it threw her off her leave policing game and she said ok!
I have been a nail biter since i got my first tooth sooooo I have never had pretty girl finger nails. My dad used to say, " Oh ,when i was growing up,we just put chicken shit on nail biters fingers and it cured them." Sweet, DAD, huhhh don't see any chicken shit around here! I tried that nasty tasting stuff you could buy at the drugstore..i learned to like it. I gave up and just lived with it..until last December(09)!
I was in my friend Sherry's office and she was talking and all I could see were her nails-cause I was pretty sure they weren't there the day before.
"Sherry! Your nails are beautiful! Did you have those before today?"
"No, chica! I got these and white gel nails..go get some..aren't they pretty!"
So pretty I almost licked them..BUT i didn't..but they did look like pretty!
So two days later my dad said, what do you want for x-mas-I always say whatever and then they give me whatever. Instead last year what came out of my mouth was, " Dad, could you get me a gift certificate to Deja Vu nails for pink and white gel nails....?" He said, sure!
So gift certificate in hand , a year ago December I parked and approached the NAIL SALON. I had never been in one before and anyone who knows me knows-UNFAMILIAR situations cause me some STRESS.
But I put one foot in front of the other, go Apes, go Apes, and walked in.
OH MY HOLY SHIT..this is a whole different world and one, that a year later brings me great comfort. Women chattering away to people who may or may not understand them but talking all the same. The people who work there occasionally speaking in a language I don't understand to each other.. probably about how stupid we are. Once this year i overheard a silly girl talking on her cell phone -realized she was talking about someone i knew and it was JUICY-lol -laughed inside my head the rest of the day about that!
I get my pink and white fill-in every three weeks and it may be the prettiest thing I have ever done for myself-no lie. But i also sit for an hour across from Mr. Lee -who has never spoken to me and I have never spoken to him and I the chatter..girl chatter...and I relax.
And I NEVER bite my nails! ;)

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