Friday, January 28, 2011


Some days are just more "sun on your face,twirl around with your arms out and fall down in soft green grass" days than others!!! Today was one of those days! It was a Friday( bonus points),ta da! It was 54 and sunny and I could have wrapped my arms around that 54 and kissed it! Instead of making my breakfast and taking it to work, i said "phuck it! I am going to BoJangles! I got me a CAJUN filet biscuit and some Bo-Rounds and a big Un-sweet tea.( I will say the whole fast food /ketchup issue seems to be across the board-cause I asked for ketchup and you get FOUR Bo-Rounds and THREE ketchups-this math does not work for me!)
I got to work and there was a Krispy Kreme hot donuts in the fax room one. Chocolate icing/creme filled! Had a training from 9 to 12-they had bagels!!!! and creme CHEESE!! Magic breakfast food fairy day!!!!!
Training finished just in time for LUNCH! Tanning bed and a prime rib sub from Quiznos um um Hot and toasty! And ran my salty ass car through a car wash!!! This made me sooooo happy-although-i will admit to having car wash issues. Because does seem like your car is moving-even though it is not and you are alone and trapped in a car that seems to be moving but isn't. It's unnerving BUT I survived and you have no idea how proud it makes me and the car is CLEAN!!!
Spawn calls me at bout to get off work time to say he is going to a high school basketball game with a GIRL and her parents and will be gone til LATER! I get home and it's FRIDAY and put on my sweats and breathe. AND a man I like made me a raspberry creme pie from scratch..from the pie crust up! I am going to eat some that tomorrow but he sent me a picture and it made me happy today! Because it's just been that kind of day! :)

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  1. I'm gonna whip that cream and put it on top!