Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a bit of crow...

Okay Tracy..this is for you!

You know how sometimes you think you have hit upon the perfect plan. You were faced with a dilemma, you roll it over and over in your head and THEN you hit on the solution!( "we can rebuild her"-ignore-i have the bionic woman on the brain for some reason) In your head you, twirl around,pat yourself on the back, and the crowd goes wild! and twirl around some more. Sit back, put your feet up ,nod and think...problem solved..i am a situational GENIUS! yeah..probably
So, when i decided to start dating, i had the old people meet dating site stuff going on,i had some facebook stuff going on- what i did not have was DATE TIME. I had four,count em four, date nights a month. Well, there was a bit of supply and demand problem..I KNOW!!!!! I WAS a little overwhelmed by that too! the older dating game is different-as i was finding out-anyway Inexplicably i was covered up in date requests. The logistics confused me..not hard to do. I remembered something someone said about a dating rotation but for the life of me I could not remember the details or who told me about it.
I finally asked my sister.
"Do you remember someone telling us about a dating rotation where people were rotated in and out. LIKE i know YOU didn't tell me about it but I think you were there when i heard about it. Do you remember who told us about that?"
MB gave me the perfect eyebrow arch and smirk and said, "Yes, I do."
"Well, who was it, i want to ask them for the details!"
Then I get the DELIGHTED smirk, " It was your step-daughter!!!!!"
"ohhhhh, ding dang it! I guess it would be way NOT OK to call and ask her for the details...."
" WAY NOT OK,Apes, way"

Fine! I tackled the problem myself. I had four days per month, if I decided if each two day period was divided into 3 date slots..that would give me 6 date slots per month-if i picked 6 people to date that would give them an every other weekend,every other weekend date slot..translating into a once a month date for 6 people..let go of the back of the bike seat Daddy-I am doing MATH!!
I needed to pick my top 6 people and slot them in...if for whatever reason-like you don't want to date a girl with a dating rotation-lol- or i just decided huh no-you were rotated out and someone else was rotated in. So i had a secondary list-mainly people that I didn't know when i made the first list. YAY! I KNOW-this may perfect sense to me in the moment. ( Am I guy sounding ..seriously am I?-it scares me)
So I embarked on the dating rotation and my great plan was fucking DISASTER! Why, because i am too damn old for it! IT was EXHAUSTING! I had to use 3 by 5 note cards to keep up with it. I kept getting confused about where I was going when. I lasted two months and shut the bitch down. I had several people who were a month out and I went on those dates cause they were already set up but I was like ,sorry dude..shutting the rotation down, I don't care if you are a prince..i am not the princess of dating.
I am not complaining ( woo hoo-how nice is it to be popular at 50-it is) I feel like i walked to the waters edge to find a treasure chest. I have picked up one or two precious stones and I am now sitting on the beach, drinking a beer and relaxing!

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  1. oh! like a rhinestone cowboy sitting pretty on black diamond bay as the tide slips away...