Thursday, January 20, 2011

work,work,work and a cupcake!

So , I have a job where no one is really ever particularly EXCITED to be a client. And sometimes they are really pissed to be having to "accept" our services. But generally people behave on some appropriate level and we soothe, smooth and cajole our way with them to success-one way or the other. One of the many SUPER things about being a boss is that you get to deal with the un-soothed, un-smoothed and un-cajoled. So I had a man in my office recently and he was ..hummm...really fucking mad. I had listened to his ranting for about 15 minutes,polite,professional and reasonably soothing. But then he stood up, still ranting (i had already decided he was not leaving happy-ding damn it!) and I stood up and I think he failed to notice the narrowing of my eyes into tiny lasers and then it happened!
and before my " Sir, you will need to refrain from threatening me" statement came out of my mouth , I LAUGHED OUTLOUD...seriously! really loudly and quite freely!
And his eyes got big and mine got big and the tension left the room...just like that.
After he left, I sat down at my desk and thought oh my god i have become a teenager again..i no longer fear death..I think I am invincible knees were shaking! And then I thought...have I not been working long enough...yes I HAVE, yes I have!
I got my work permit at 15 so I could work at men's cafeteria on campus-my friends said it was a SWEET job. they were soooooo right. So what if you had to wear a hairnet..a 15 year old girl can WORK a hairnet! All those college guys and the special treat was the football players came in after practice after the regular cafeteria hours was girl heaven...NO LIE! and they paid us! Not the football ball players-lol-the cafeteria! The football players played us!
I waitressed in college and after was a restaurant manager, a liquor store clerk( had a horrible "guy jacking off in his truck" in front of the store episode), a cop( QUEEN of the stolen bike calls!),a book store manager(my workers were always giving plasma at lunch???),worked in group homes, a social worker, supervised group homes, and now supervise social workers. I like my job but I have decided in my new teenage " i am invincible" mindset know, i have worked all i want to....just kidding! I am sure if a man with money totally swept me off my feet and said "You will never work again, my princess" I would sooo be tempted and if he looked like Usher,,,,no ..if he was Usher..i would say YES! Otherwise..seriously..I am a working girl..a paycheck and a cupcake, BABY!
and I am ok with that....

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  1. Great! Such wisdom and truth my talented, funny friend.