Saturday, January 1, 2011

stats and kisses!!!!!!

so, i had 870 views on my blog in December. I realize this not a wildfire but it's not a kitchen match either. And I totally appreciate you listening to my random-ness!
I thought i would start out January sharing a little about me by responding to some of the e-mails i got last month.

"you are one weird chick" -i know this,right! It is one of the things i like best about myself and Spawn likes to work that into at least one coversation per day!

"Are you ever worried about being struck down by god"-no
I used to worry about this when I was 16 and would sit in church on Sunday morning and replay, like porn. the night before, parking on some dark road,drinking malt duck and steaming up the windows! but then i got my schedule at the cafeteria changed to work lunch Sunday and that took care of that! Cause you can stand in a hair net and serve peas and have all the erotic thoughts you want...thunderbolt free! :)

"Are you serious?" nope- just about Spawn and work..the rest of it can float

"why do you blog?" submitted by spawn-because face book only allows me 249 characters and sometimes i have more than that to say AND i am going to turn 50 this year and i have vast knowledge to share and i live to annoy you...spawn found that WAY funny!...whatever, he has WAY too many every day questions, so since he isn't my friend on fb and doesn't read the blog..i am no longer responding here :)

"oatmeal-yes or no?"-YES if it has two scoops of ice cream,whipped cream,PE-CANS and someone else eats it! :)

"what's so great about the Smokey Mountains?" EVERYTHING! Best place ever..JACKSON COUNTY-CULLOWHEE/ Sylva/Cashiers/Cane Creek/East Laporte...i could go on forever!

"favorite color?" It was green like my eyes but now it's pink like my never mind! like my purse!

"what are you thinking?" i am thinking about how fucking great it is just to be thinking!-whether you are deeply thinking, over- thinking, thinking about nothing, sexy thinking, wishful thinking..spin around in a circle til you are dizzy, lay on the floor and think about MAGIC! kiss!


  1. caney fork but most of all RIVER ROAD!!!!

  2. I fuckin love your blog and most of all i love the whole comment about god and erotic explanation ever!!! LMAO! I have the same view! ha i look forward to reading each time you post a new thought!

  3. Magic... i believe!