Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WOO HOO moments and angels singing..

Yesterday, i spent a good 30 minutes, gazing out at the snow and having an internal discussion with myself about being "a well-rounded parent capable of sharing a multitude of fun,creative and educational experiences with your child" instead of just being,ummm, ME. So after taking my internal spanking, I got up and dragged myself to the living room where Spawn was relaxing and leisurely killing terrorists in warm snuggly comfort from the couch. I stood there looking at him,sighed and said," UH, Spawn, would you like to go sledding or for a nature walk in the snow?"
He looked up at me, briefly, and said..." UH, no."
And I think I heard angels singing!
I looked at his sweet,shiny face and asked, "How come?"
He looked at me, with less than love, :) and said, "Because it is too freakin cold and wet! Who wants to put on all those clothes, go outside, be cold and wet and come back in and take off all the wet clothes and be cold and wet until you get on dry, warm clothes. Pleeeze!"
OMG -I have raised a phucking GENIUS! I jumped on the couch beside him!
"That is SO TRUE,Son! I have said this for YEARS!!! Have you ever wanted to snow ski??????"
"No, MOM and could you please move and be quiet! This people don't kill themselves!"
"Me neither!!! I tried once and I slipped while holding on to the tow rope and knocked down 17 people behind me. They were pretty mad. It was a chain reaction kind of thing! Horrible experience!"
"MOM! Stop talking!"
" I am much more of a "by the lodge fire, DRINKING" kind of person! Or just screw the snow thing all together, on the beach, drinking!!!!"
"Mother, you are babbling, please go away!"
" K, let me know if you play poker or bake some cookies later!!!"

I love these special milestones on the parent train ride. Like the first time he looked at me and said ," I'm gonna use the potty." and " Mom, I'm too old to have my birthday party at Chuckie Cheese!" or my favorite lately, " Mom, please just drop me off, you don't have to come in!" angels singing.......

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  1. I went snow skiing once, went down the bunny hill once, went down the big hill once, spent the rest of the night,in the lodge, drinking. The only ice i want to see is the ice in my cocktail glass!