Sunday, January 30, 2011

blue balls and mowing

Today was AWESOME! 70 degrees and sunny! It renewed me-made me think about bare legs,short skirts and hooker shoes! the pool! sitting in the sun and reading! walking in dappled sunlight !MOWING! I will worship mowing..this is my vow! I will create a shrine to mowing..candles,a little john deer of lush grass! AHHH..sweet sweat! Just get me the phuck through February! This is time every year I break down...i can put my head down and push through Nov. Dec and Jan. But at the end of Jan., I hit a brick wall because of FEBRUARY! The blue ball month of Winter..because it might touch ya with a pleasant day or two but there is NO DAMN WAY you are getting warm and laid!
Plus it has the groundhog day and that little furry asshole always sees 6 more weeks of winter and HEART day or in my world the day mommy has traditionally gotten a small appliance and a fold-out card that depicts her as a fluffy farm animal. Single this year so hopefully NO cards-except from my dad-he always sends me and my sisters the best heart day cards!
FEBRUARY! Hate it! I realize I live in the south and I HAVE no idea what a real winter is but seriously I would shank myself before i found out. This is bad enough and maybe it's because I am getting older but just lasts too long in North Carolina!
This is the time of year I really start to feel blue...where is GLOBAL WARMING? It isn't here..wouldn't global warming mean like winters would be warmer..a little Fla. creeping up this way......mmmmm...yummy!
I will get through it, I do every year. February is a short month I know but it is followed by that moody ass bitch of a month March...sooo unpredictable. And then there is April...SWEET!
IF the groundhog doesn't predict 6 more weeks of winter, I am cashing in my change jar and getting a pedicure! And if 6 more weeks of winter is what we are having..i am going to continue to get naked in the tanning bed at lunch and buy mangoes! and be blue but DREAM about mowing....

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  1. Pedicures, tanning beds, red hots gummy hearts and a small appliance they all help!