Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sex and meetings

I figured out recently because I was in a "shank yourself" meeting at work that I may have serious attention issues. I may have adult wandering wool-gathering disorder or AWW! Anyway, I like it, my mind jumps around, during not active brain times (meetings) or sometimes when just having a conversation with another person, like a Mexican jumping bean.
And it amuses me.. like in a recent meeting I was thinking about Spawn's comment the last time he cleaned the hamster cage, "MOM, please find someone to take Oscar, I need a more manly pet!" and I said, "define manly" He said "a lizard, they are cool, just lay there,hang out" and I thought, YES, that sounds manly to me-lol! Told him, huh NO!
Thought about sex
Then thinking about how Spawn got on the bulk up protein thing and I actually cooked eggs and bacon every morning for a month and then he said, "Dang mom,i don't think i can eat this another day! Can I please have cereal,tomorrow!" WELL hell YES--cereal! Mommy's friend! hell yes! Do you think, for one day of my life, I have gotten up and cooked breakfast for any other male in my life. Why no.
Thought about sex-briefly! cause someone directed a question to me-wtf...blah ,blah,blah
Spawn goes.."MOM you opened the door and woke me up just when I was having a dream about opening a door in black ops and you scared the mother lovin sheeee out of me" lol i am the mother Lovin!

I am at the end of my very crusty and hard candy corn and I will have to say good-bye til next fall because -YAY-Valentine's DAY-means red hots!!!! and red gummy hearts!
Thought about sex..mmmm
OMG they are still talking...hummm that is some very interesting eye make-up-i soo suck at make-up application-i wish i had someone who came to my house to do it for me... a naked cowboy perhaps...sigh
i hate valentine's day
thought about sex briefly-HEY-i need to return that damn game and get oreos.
ohhhh her earrings are so pretty
i wish i lived on an island...thought about sex
what time is it,thought about sex and i need to pick up dog food.. Spawn wants to be home-schooled...lol..
i need a fixture for above the kitchen sink..i wish I knew a man who rode a motorcycle..sex thinking
i should think less about sex..i wish it was warmer...
ding dang...got a text from Spawn-"i have spilled a carton of milk on my pants, can you bring sweat pants"
OH THANK you YES! emergency!
Driving home-driving to school, listening to Nelly..thinking about sex-honestly i may think about it as often as a teenage boy..but i'm just thinking...


  1. sounds like someone is going to be in for a good time!