Thursday, December 30, 2010

a stop in girltown

Spawn and I spend the day in a sparkling,magical,pinkness full of princesses,beautiful fairies,pretty shoes, pet shop "stuff",beads that stick together and form ponies, baby dolls and girls,girls,girls!
Three sisters (mine!) and three sisters( my nieces!) and Spawn.
Spawn was sweet as a whisper to his girl cousins, playing chess with one, serenading another with a plastic pink microphone and laying the floor and stroking the baby's hair while she sucked on his thumb.
I relaxed in the awesome beauty that is my sisters. Both so pretty,so smart,so capable and so tolerant...of me! We get each other and that is a treasure I will always be grateful for! Lovin girls rock!
I left feeling covered in happy dust and Will had given up and started reading the "chick" book his aunt gave him. When we got home, still dazed by the glittery girls' day, I said,
"I see you are still reading the chick book"
spawn-"yeah, I think i am going to go play modern warfare"
me-"yeah, i think i am going to go talk some trash on the computer"
sooo nice to visit girltown...happy in a one boy town!

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  1. sprinkle a little "happy" dust, think good thoughts and you can fly!