Friday, December 3, 2010

eating lettuce

spawn and i were having this conversation coming back from Thanksgiving at dad's and i said, are you happy? He said yes and no. He was happy, not happy with his parents' separation but ok with it. home was fine..home was fine... but school..he said with such sad and open honesty.. that school was hard..hard to be skinny..hard to have freckles(FRECKLES..REALLY) hard to be shorter than everyone except for the Asian girls. and i said oh my sweet boy, i know exactly where you are and there is no cure but puberty and the Lovin's are late fucking bloomers. I endured Sam H.'s taunts every(EVERY DAY) day from 13 to 15 on bus 36,pirate's dream(lots of days i came home and cried). carpenter's dream. I ate lettuce everyday because someone said it would make my boobs grow and it didn't AND i had big eyes and a little face so got alot of bug-eye taunting too!
and spawn looked at me and said so what did you do- i said- i tried to be funny and he said that's what i do! and we smiled at each other and i said I know it doesn't mean alot now when you mom says it will be ok but TRUST me -it will be ok! stay funny and your body will catch up and you will irresistible.
"like you" he said
"yes" i said
"MOM. you are soooo not irresistible
BUT i am funny and taller than than the Asian girls and hey, Sam H.-- have breasts-and i will bet they are holding up better than your sex drive these days..kiss!