Thursday, December 16, 2010

terra firma and matching panties!

I think it was around this time last year that it occurred to me that I would having my 49th birthday in the new year. That meant that i would also be starting my 50th year. And the 15 year old girl inside me looked at the 48 year old outside of me and said, "WTF, girl, when you did stuck in quicksand and just decide that might just be a good place to spend the rest of your life?"
And so I set my mind to thinking about just that. It took me about two months to figure out, it wasn't a good place to spend the rest of my life. With a plan or at least a roadmap, I starting dismantling my life and putting it back together differently. It was hard, I don't recommend it for anyone who has a sliver of doubt about where they want to be at the end of the journey. You can doubt the path you are taking to get there but if you doubt where you want to go,don't go. Follow your bread crumbs back.. Damn, that was slightly deep, i will try not to do that again! lol
So in the spring I lost 20 pounds to end up weighing what i did in high school and started running,every day. Got attached to Mega Tan-very bad-i know-weaning myself off that naked, hot, buttery goodness! got tattoos-just two but enough to branded "tatted up" by his Spawnness and made some difficult and painful decisions and moves. I have ended up the middle of my 50th year..where i wanted to be. No longer in quick sand..but on terra perhaps, uncharted territory. Tell ya about that shit later :)
But in an effort not to get stuck again, i want to make sure I don't stand still and that i give serious thought to about ways that i can improve me!
Some thoughts: more vegetables...yeah this one really doesn't appeal to me
2. eat more fruit..cousin to # 1 and just doesn't seem important enough..although i am finding that fresh MANGOS rock
3. volunteer!!! hummmm in what spare time..and to do what..too undefined
4.learn about wine..hahahhahaha-sorry-i just put that on the list to amuse myself
5. learn a new de pepe..i do not have an ear for language
anyway you get the gist of this's a long and not as interesting to me list as i thought it would be

SO i imagine my delight when i came up with a self-improvement idea that was appealing to me and i think somewhat important!

I am going to make an effort EVERYDAY to wear matching panties and bras! no lie..i haven't done this since my first semester of college..when all that studying and testing just took all desire for coordinated underwear away. you get it back briefly from time to time when you start dating a hottie, maybe right after you get married BUT having kids sucks it completely away. Shit, then you just feel lucky you made it to work remembering to put a bra and panties on!
So i am going to, well, buy some underwear that actually match and then every morning twirl in the mirror and marvel at how good matching underwear makes me feel! Once i get this down, i may try to learn how to use chopsticks! :)


  1. mon chéri, faire un changement dans votre vie est génial, baguettes et les mangues sont faciles..... french is so boring!
    Hice el cambio más grande en mi vida, la mujer y buscar donde me llevan! spanish, a little better......