Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pretty Girl Rules..part 2

I must have looked really funny, cause Sherry laughed out loud.
"oh, chica, you look like you just opened a little box and got a big diamond!"
WELL, quite frankly, that is a little how I felt. I can't explain it exactly but I KNEW there were pretty girl rules, KNEW it, deep down in my scrawny ass girl heart. AND now a real pretty girl as gonna share them with me. OH YEAH..i was having a Zales x-mas commercial moment!!
" The set in stone rules will probably come as no surprise to you." (BET ME-LOL)
"First and foremost..I am a princess and so shall i be treated. now you can substitute several different words for princess.. the bomb, the top, the best you ever had..."
"I like princess." :)
" Equally important..I get what I want."
"PERIOD...this is war, girl! ok, now, next, everything is mine..what's yours is mine, what's mine is's all mine!"
This strikes me as particularly awesome cause it's like being a TODDLER!
Mine, mine mine!
"Keep your man in check by reminding him from time to time that there are other men who would LOVE to be in his shoes."
LOL-k-save that one for when i get one.
"So, do ya'll get like this rule book?"
"APRIL, any girl who thinks she is pretty can live by pretty girl rules. It doesn't matter who else thinks she is pretty-if she knows she is pretty-she can live by the rules and rock the attitude. And WE have to rock the attitude at this time in our lives and we will get past anything we have to get past. You can add your own pretty girl rules to the ones I have told you."
"Where were you when i was in high school??!!!!"
"In diapers, B" lol- nice!
" I think one of my rules will be to have a little pink into my life everyday."
"Well, you carry that big ass pink bag-that won't be hard" ;)

I think pink has become for me in my 50th year, magic...a piece of pretty..
and pretty girls ( it's the attitude ladies) rule...


  1. " everything is mine..what's yours is mine, what's mine is's all mine!"
    lol april, that is not just a pretty girl rule its an ALL girl rule T

  2. ALL girls are pretty girls!!!!! :)