Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sir-Mix-A-Lot lessons

I remember so clearly my dad saying to me, over and over,during my adolesence,whenever my music was playing, " I can't understand a damn thing they are saying."
I always thought that was weird since i could understand the words perfectly. I mean, it wasn't as if they were singing in that high pitched tone that only dogs and teenagers can hear.
When Spawn was 4 years old, I, for some reason, lost to me now, bought him a cd of hip hop songs from the late 70's and early 80's. He liked to dance and he was so cute! Singing at the top of his lungs and shakin it, in that unmistakable, well, small white boy rhythemless,wild man way. It was sooo good for Mommy to hear those classics again like ,"walk this way", "funky cold medina" and "u can't touch this", again...LOL.
But Spawn latched onto one song in PARTICULAR and it wasn't "Parents Just don't Understand" was...tada..BABY GOT BACK by that awesome muscial and enduring ;) musical talent, Sir Mix-A-Lot. It wasn't until i heard him singing it at the top of his lungs in the grocery store that i occurred to me, perhaps I had not really heard, in a meaningful way, the lyrics. Strangely, coming out of a four year old mouth with other mothers in the vegetable aisle looking at us, ok glaring, that song sounds pretty damn dirty!
And that was a bell I could not
So after years of making Spawn get CENSORED cds-cause mommy learned her Sir Mix-a-lot lesson, i found that when lil Wayne was censored, i didn't understand a damn thing he was saying. What I recently found out listening to Pandora radio is the reason for that is that if you are listening to the censored version, he really ISN'T saying anything!!!! BUT holy shit if you listen to the uncensored version...he is saying alot and it is all way past "baby got back" dirty!
I don't hear Will's music anymore cause he listens to it on his ipod but i gave permission for uncensored (another bell....) at the end of the summer. He had an sounded good at the the time..i will spare you the details.
I truly love to shake my ass to the new world of music Spawn has opened up to me and i do understand every damn WORD they are saying but like my dad, not sure i understand everything they are saying... like right now i am fascinated with a concept that is prevalent in many songs. "It ain't trickin if ya got it...." I asked Spawn about the eye roll!!!


  1. Sam likes the song Highway to Hell and my mother nearly shit a brick when she heard him singing it and she asked- where did you hear that- he replies, oh mommy put it on my mp3 player for me!! hahaha...she wanted to kill me. In my defense he has now been asked to sing Highway to HECK...LOL

  2. shake it till yo weave is undone!