Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a spoon full of sugar and snow shoveling

So, shoveling snow and two layers of ice off the pool cover is a new and different, what the fuck, cold-ass, outside chore. BUT I am determined to learn how to do all the house maintenance by myself! LOL-just kidding! I can NEVER find someone around to help at the time I need it. If i don't get all this off, I will have more water ON the pool than IN the pool, which may need lead to pool cover collapse.....horror of horrors! At least as explained to me by the person who said, "YOU KNOW, you need to shovel that snow and ice off pool cover as soon as possible or you may have your pool cover collapse!"
I said, "Well, I don't think I have to do that, cause the sidewalk and driveway just melted and dried by themselves, didn't have to shovel either one." :)
obviously the wrong answer...I hate it when people give me exasperated looks..so annoying.
So I been shoveling that shit for about an hour, seems like 4. I am taking a beer break. I have decided that any outdoor chore that could lead to a broken nail OR causes me to sweat is a chore that requires a beer break. And that people, is what Mary Poppins was talking about when she sang, "Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down...." in the most delightful way ...;) ( like that song isn't going to be stuck in my head the rest of the day!)
Although I have decided I could have really used a snow bunny buff boy to help with this cause the ice is really heavy, even in chunks. I was pretending I was on the "The most Dangerous Jobs" show and had a two way radio to talk to headquarters and was in danger of hitting myself in the head the flying ice when i flung the loaded shovel over my back. Which with my minimal coordination skills is TOTALLY possible.
AND, here's the thing...hellooooooooo... I can't reach the freaking middle anyway. It's not like the pool is frozen under the cover and i can walk out to the middle. SO, i am STILL going to have a ton of water on the pool cover when it melts and STILL have to suck a hose until i get water from the pool running through it to drain off the pool cover. Well, there ya go, check it off, I'm finished with that chore! Sometimes it helps to think things through with a little Mary Poppins in your head and beer. pool cover collapse-ha! another SUB-urban legend! :)


  1. lol,sub-urbia majora, now thats Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  2. I love me some Dick Van Dyke! His brother Jerry did an AWESOME impression of bacon frying! I love bacon, TOO! I wanted to call this post, "Mary Poppins and the snow bunny buff boy WITH a van dyke" but my editor is a bitch and can't spell any better than i can

  3. two words - or is it one word - snow blower. The excitement of playing with power tools and no more sore aching backs from shovelling.

  4. ding dang it!!!!! I need a snow blower!

  5. Dick VanDyke AND Bacon too! Too f'n much in common.