Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pretty Girl Rules...part 1

My friend, Sherry, is the prettiest girl I know. We are best friends and, as it turns out, struggling with being single and raising kids at exactly the same time. We are each other's personal cheerleader. Although we would look stupid standing together on a squad, cause she is just TINY and I.... am not! I feel like I tower over her like a spastic crane. She never seems to notice. :)
We try to find time everyday to discuss our most recent "missteps" which are frequent and often amusing and sometimes really bad, but as optimists we tend to minimize (LOL) or shake off the bad ones. Not to say we don't have trimuphs too...I just can't think of any right now. After a particularly challenging discussion about current problems, that despite our combined, quite significant, blond brain power, we were unable to solve to our satisfaction, we both sighed.
Then Sherry looked at me and said, "You know what this means don't you?" We are going to have to live by the Pretty Girls Rules 24/7!"
I was stunned! " Get the fuck out! Ya'll have RULES! SERIOUSLY!"
Sherry gave me her, "you are a moron but I will overlook it for now " look and said, " Of course we do. Now, granted, Pretty Girl Rules vary from pretty girl to pretty girl with only a few set in stone for us all. And as you get older and depending on your situation , it is not always necessary to live by the rules every day. BUT NOTHING will get you over a hump, any hump, like commiting to Pretty Girl Rules from the minute you open your bright eyes in the morning until the minute your sweet eyes close at night."
And I, at that moment, was SPEECHLESS.....


  1. lol pretty girl rules or pretty girls rule?

  2. wait just a freaking minute. You know ME. NO ONE is prettier THAN I AM!
    (Really. In my head your sentence said "the prettiest girl i know except for my sister"

  3. ohhhhh yeah...that's exactly what i said in my head! :)