Monday, December 6, 2010

peacocks and ME

I am usually VERY careful never to get caught in a situation where i have to talk to women who are not, well,like me. The categories of these women are endless but include "women whose conversation sounds like prattle to me, make me laugh outloud in my head and take themselves so seriously". This is a particularly uncomfortable group for me to be around because i always encounter them at freaking sports practices. Why Spawn will not just give up on the sports ,i do not know. Especially because I gave him my athletic ability, which is to say, NONE. I am proud of him for perservering but my god, indoor soccer..really...REALLY! So shit, i get stuck with these well groomed women who are prattling, i am kind of smiling,bobbing along in the the wake of their prattle, blah, blah..some book drive..blah, blah,blah..Heather is such a nice girl but honestly, I have told Kevin, don't tie yourself down. What!...pretty sure KEVIN is 13.
And then it happens..I decide I am going to speak. Not a good idea, i know and some part of me knows it at the time but suprisingly I am a little hard to control even for ME-lol!
But in my quest to raise a boy to a man who is not a total and complete dick, i decide i will ask these strange and exotic creatures about how they plan on doing that.
"Do you guys ever think about raising a boy who becomes a man who is , like , an excellent human being and partner?..?"
Blank stares.. then the leader( i think) speaks...
"What do you mean, Angel?"
"It's April, I mean, I just think that we, as women, have to stop complaining about men, whatever they are or aren't, when we are the ones to raise them. We have the power to raise men who are excellent human beings and partners. Don't you think about that? "
"of course!" one of them said, the rest, wisely, just ignored me.
"But I find it is so hard to overcome my maternal instinct to DO FOR my child."
WHAT!? I so did not get that instinct as part of my maternalfantabulessness. My instinct is to say, you need to do it for yourself and i will be here if you mess it up cause I don't want you to grow up expecting a woman or anyone else is going to do it for you. Plus the more I teach him to do...the less i have to do. SWEET!

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  1. I feel you on the sports practice mommas.

    But sweet baby--you need to thank God that your son is doing INDOOR soccer. B/c it is COLD out there!!

    back to my point...i just want to say that I am with you on the whole women thing. Some are cool..awesome and amazing even (like the Lovin sisters, naturally)--but the rest are creatures I cannot even begin to understand.

    And aren't we supposed to have kids so that they can DO FOR us?? Really. I'm going to stop now, because I could go on...and it would probably be nonsensical and disjointed.