Thursday, March 3, 2011

TATS and that..part 1

So about this time last year.... i decided to get a tattoo for my 49th birthday in April. The times I had thought about getting a tattoo in the 49 previous years would be ......not one. I have girlfriends that have beautiful tattoos and i have always thought they looked really good on them or at least not really bad but I never once thought of getting one.
Not a single Lovin, on my backyard family tree, has a tattoo. We have(disclaimer-does not apply to every LOVIN!!) church guilt, commitment issues, onion sensitivity, merging onto interstate panic, imaginary boyfriends, Lowder thighs (lol-Rams only),mentally ill dogs,the ability to knit,long legs, a love of reading...but no tattoos.
I made this decision,in my tiny head! I would get a tattoo and I wanted it in the middle of my lower back,right above my ass -a tramp stamp!!! When I told Spawn and Spawn's dad I was met with overwhelming... disbelief and some real OBJECTIONS! To summarize-TOO OLD. Spawn was appalled!! The discussions we had are too lengthy to go into but it was surprising to me how much they both cared about a tattoo on my "old" body. So, I stopped talking about it and started haunting the tattoo parlor with my friend Beth after lunch every day and it went something like this:
B-ohhh dragons!
A-huh no
B-look! a snake eating a mouse!!!
B-oh look oh look..a naked lady WITH a snake!
B-flying MONKEYS
A-Own it!
B-Look a dragon eating another dragon with a naked woman on his back!!!!!
I finally found my tramp stamp and Beth agreed to come with..cause she was gonna get another flowers for her-lol

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  1. ummm....I can't wait for part 2 of this story! :) LOL