Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rockin the Girlie-part two

I have a friend who wears more make-up than I have seen anyone wear since a certain preacher's wife was on TV. It looks good on her-don't get me wrong-it's just ALOT. I always found this secretly terms of the time it must take and what not. So about a year ago she said to me, "You know, you would would look so much more attractive with make-up!!! :)"
Because I have never had make-up application skills I tend to NOT wear it. Not saying I didn't have it-I did- i just usually by-passed in my morning routine-often without noticing!
Her-"Not criticizing but you have pretty eyes and you wear no eye makeup. Eye makeup would really make your eyes POP! :)"
M-"You are of course not aware of this but I was called, "POPEYED FROG GIRL" for much of my youth. Therefore making my eyes pop has never been a priority!"
Her-"Well, maybe with time they have have shrunk into your face, cause they could use some popping! :)"
M-"ARE you a motivation speaker??? Cause you SUCK at it if you are!!!"
Her-" :) How about you try mascara-that's all, just wear mascara every day and we can add the other things later :)"
phuck :)!!!
ok I decide in my 50th year I will try mascara..what the hell. OK-I find it really difficult and the fact that women doing while driving blows me away! I find that I have to plant my feet in a wrestler's stance in front of the mirror and apply apply apply. I am better at it a year later but there were alot of eyeball stabs and misplaced blackness for a while.
Her-" The next is eyeliner...very important!!!! :)"
Her:"AND let's get some mascara on those lashes under your eyes!:)"
M-"LOL-oh hell no!"
I struggled with eyeliner for months!!! But i got semi-half-assed at it and did for for about 4 months and then I forgot one morning and realized I just did not give a shit about the eyeliner!
There was more instruction about under-eye liner and foundation and powder and blush. AND lipstick! I did find through all of this that I really like pink lipstick. I have tried to stay consistent with the mascara and the lipstick and I have no clue whether it actually makes me look better but it satisfies my girlie!
Other than that the only other thing I use is a Bonnie Bell bronzer that my friend Tracy Ross taught me to use when I was 15. She was a great make-up teacher but I have forgotten everything but that. I think the bottom line for me is my face has a slack ass keeper and has come to accept the state of it's unmadeupness! :)
Mascara and pink lipstick-that's me ..rockin my girlie!


  1. mmmm like the pink lipedness.....

  2. Knew I'd get my fifteen minutes of FAME one day! Too bad I peaked at fifteen. Anyway, you always liked shiny lipgloss-remember the kind they used to have with a little rollerball in the top? Came in bubblegum flavor with sparkles in it that stuck in your throat & choked you? Men will NEVER appreciate what we girly-girls endure for for beauty's sake! And I remember Myra teaching me how to apply mascara to my bottom lashes at Jesus camp-you were probably home, baby-oiled & lying in the sun listening to Billy Joel cranked way up!

  3. There was always SOMETHING interesting to learn at a Jesus camp!!!! YAY baby oil!!!