Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spawn and the Bus!

Today, before I left work, I got an e-mail from a co-worker that said, "Last night I overheard my daughter telling her sister about how DISGUSTING all the boys on her bus were. She went on to say that the only boy on her bus who wasn't DISGUSTING and crude was your son (his name) AND that he was the only boy on the bus that didn't use foul language. You must be doing something right." HOT DAMN..that made me happy! I went back and re-read it of course to make sure it was his name and then I was really happy! You all know it is my quest to raise a man who is honest, empathetic, thoughtful, loving, hardworking, respectful and not an ASSHOLE or DISGUSTING!!!!! down..for now. I teared up a little and car-danced all the way home. I got home and ran in the house calling his name, he mumbled a greeting and I pounced on him! (He loves that!)
M-"Spawn, stand up! Full frontal mommy/boy HUG!!!!"
M-"Put the controller down and hug me!!!"
S-"mumble mumble mumble...what????"
I explained the e-mail and how proud I was that a girl did not find him disgusting and SINCE I know he cusses that our many conversations about when and where it is appropriate had taken hold. I was beaming, he was pretty horrified.
S-"Whatever mom..who is the girl?"
S-"Who is the girl????"
M-"What difference does it make?"
S-"It makes a difference..cause if she is 7th grader or a geek or..........."
The conversation went downhill after that and I wasn't able to pull it back up. Apparently the value of the compliment depending on the "hotness" of the girl who gives it! :)
Even his lack of enthusiasm did not dim mine!
This has been a bumpy year for Spawn and me, with the tattoos and my "POST mid-life crisis". In the past year my ability to "totally and completely humiliate" him with my very presence has risen dramatically...which amuses me , much to his frustration. There has also been an increase in even my smallest actions "ruining" his life! I have explained to him several times that I am pretty sure ruining your child's life on a regular basis is part of the parental job description! But after a year of he and I finding our footing together in our new "single parent household", it's nice to know I haven't totally phucked him up, yet. In the next 30 days he will turn 14 and I will turn 50 and I have optimistic about our next 4 years together. May the humiliating and ruining continue at an acceptable level. And may Spawn continue to not be DISGUSTING! Makes me sooo proud! ;)

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