Wednesday, April 27, 2011

and no...I am not a

So last week a very sweet woman asked me at work, " So you are turning 50 and single, are you a COUGAR???"
I laughed and said , "If you mean do I or would I date younger men, the answer is NO."
She asked why? She doesn't know me well. lol
I said, "Because I consider myself a very smart cupcake!"
She said, "You mean COOKIE."
I said, "No, I mean cupcake."
Another person in the room mumbles to her, "walk away, walk way!" She does, I wink at the mumbler-who DOES know me well!
I SO LOVE men my age!!!! So love them!!! or a couple years older! We are on the same on the same plane heading for the same destination! We have been on similar trips and we GET it! We have been there and done that more than once AND we have finally learned our lessons!! GOOD god there is something to be said for that! We got our own stuff and we ain't gonna lay down on the floor and let somebody walk over us and take it...cause we have been there and done that! lol
And men my age are smart and funny and finally,finally done being boys. I find that they are, maybe for the first time, comfortable with themselves. And this leads to men who are just fun and loving and quite frankly, sweet! And very sexy..all of that in a man is very sexy!

AND they don't play games...and by that i mean VIDEO games...I would hate for my hotness to like, interfere with a kill or a race or a country takeover on a video game.
Were guys my age cool when i was 15-oh hell No-are they the best now, oh yes,oh yes ,oh yes!

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