Thursday, April 21, 2011

beer,boobs and 50

I am more excited about turning 50 than I have been about turning any other age, except for 16. 16 was AWESOME! I had boobs-finally! I had a fake college ID cause i was auditing a class and they let you write your DOB in! AND I had a license! So I could cruise..I could drive to Fatman's in Waynesville and push my fake ID across the counter and buy BEER! I felt that 16 was HARD-EARNED and that I had earned it!
I am giddy about turning 50! and i feel it is HARD-EARNED...hard-earned and so happy to be here. But this birthday I am very aware, it is hard-earned
my parents and step-parents: sorry -thanks for surviving me and loving me
my sibling:-thanks for surviving me and loving me
my exes:-thanks for surviving me and loving me ;)
my best friends:-thanks for surviving me and loving me
Spawn: thanks for surviving!!!! and loving me -even though you can't show it anymore
While 16 seemed to be MY hard-earned birthday-50 seems to be the hard-earned one that belongs to everyone I have ever known...and me.
Most important for me..I think if I could sit across a table from the 16 year old me now..she would be proud..for a moment -before she got bored!
And I still have my boobs AND i can still buy beer AND I don't have to ask to borrow the car! Seriously! Does it get any better than that! I think not!