Saturday, April 30, 2011

weed eaters and vibrators :)

Spawn-taneous /mommy conversation
M-"Spawn, even though I know you have clicked your ruby red LaBrons heels together and wished, the front lawn IS NOT going to mow ITSELF, not today, not tomorrow, not ever!"
S-"Now that you bring this up, can we talk about why you mow the backyard in three sections?"
M-"You know I don't like WHY questions."
S-"I know, Mom,"never explain" blah,blah,blah..why?"
M-"I like to break the job up." :)
S-"Sooooo, you like to break up a THIRTY minute job up into 3 ten minute sections."
S-" So a job that should take 30 minutes is broken up into 3 10 minute jobs with a 15 minute break between each job making a 30 minute job into SIXTY minute job. Do you see where I am going with this ,Mom?"
M-" No, because that's math and I try to avoid math when possible. Plus the breaks don't feel very jobish-you know what I mean-they feel more BREAKISH!" :)
S-"OK, let me ask you this, why do you start mowing at the top of the yard near the shed where we store the mower, instead of starting at the bottom of the yard and mowing up so that you finish mowing where the mower is stored? Do you understand what I am saying? You push the mower all the way back up a mowed yard to the shed."
M-" Good point! Why do you deposit dirty clothes in five different rooms in the house rather than say..... centrally depositing them in, I don't know, a dirty clothes basket where they are all together when you get ready to wash them? This would save the scavenger hunt time when it is laundry time."
S-"Mom, you are deflecting."
M-"Spawn, this whole conversation is classic avoidance....MOW the front YARD."
S-"Could you wear clothes when you mow? Could you do that?"
M-" Could you do more annoying???? Please!!!"
S-" I would be willing to take the backyard off your hands for an extra 10 bucks."
M-" So what you are saying is you would be willing to take on a job in addition to the job that ONE out of every TWO times , I end up doing because of I-Pad,text, TV,PS 3, AND if all else fails homework interference?"
S"You are just harsh, Mom, harsh! never mind-forget I brought it up!"
M-"What were we talking about anyway???"
S-"Are you making any progress with finding a weed eater we can buy and use???"
M-"Working on it!!!!"

Now what I did not tell him was I have been researching weed eaters on-line and I am having as much trouble picking out one as I did picking out a vibrator! The choices are overwhelming and they all seem attractive and shiny and do a multitude of things! Honestly I am having as much trouble picking between the Husqvarna 28 cc 2 cycle curved -shaft string trimmer and the Troy Bilt 25c 4-cycle straight shaft multi thingy as i did trying to decide between the Big Bob Multi-Speed disco light vibrator and the Amazing Big Shaft vibrator with multiple functions( housework not one of them). What I wish is, in both cases is I could find a "tool" (lol) that they just accurately label "big enough,easy to handle and gets the job done" YAY!!!! I am buying that!


  1. i would go for the husqvarna..... the troy bilt is a piece of crap, and as far as the vibrator, i would go for the realman... goes the distance including housework and etc model 54! just sayin...

  2. Jennifer JordanMay 2, 2011 at 1:12 PM

    I LOVE this post so much! hahahahahahaha