Friday, March 11, 2011

rockin' the girlie-part one

In the last year I have had this odd desire to embrace my inner and outer "girlie-ness". Spawn would say this is just another humiliating by-product of my "POST" mid-life crisis.
Several times over the past year my efforts have resulted in the "teacup man" blocking the door and saying absurdly hilarious shit like, " You are not leaving the house looking like that ,Missy!" He forgets that I can still pick him up off the floor and move him out of the way, except he does that "protester limp noodle" trick and we both end up on the floor. These incidents ended with me unable to breathe because I am laughing so hard or giving him the look that he calls "when you give me that look you seriously make me afraid you are going to sell me to gypsies when I am sleeping" look! PLEEZE..I don't know any gypsies...although..never mind! :)
I think I have made strides with the fashion girlie-ness. I try to wear more pink! Although i would prefer to just wear black and black or some other color and black. This past year I bought my first ever PAIRS of hot 4 inch hooker shoes! I find I like being 5"11. Those with some shortish professional black skirts and some cute tops-girlie!! I have not girlied as well as I should have over the winter cause it's phucking COLD! :) But I am getting the girlie fashion's a process! Pink and white nails-pink toenails-got that girlie going on! Making an effort to wear matching jewelry AND underwear. This really adds time to your morning get ready..I'm just saying.
Internally, I have tried to be ..huh..tried to be know..softer and twirly-er and softer. I have decided " I am a princess and so shall I be treated!" This seems very girlie to me and makes some sense. I try to look at myself in the mirror every morning and repeat this but phuck-it either cracks me up or irritates me. Working on it!
I think I am making good ,steady progress with the girlie-ness EXCEPT for
HAIR AND MAKE-UP..having some major suckage with this girlie area!
I have no skill set in either area

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  1. Je suis en désaccord, mon amour, vous êtes si bien versé dans les moyens d'une femme