Thursday, March 17, 2011

little gypsy in the palace

There is just something really nice about staying at someone's house, especially if it is super nice AND they aren't there!!! If I am not in my own home and don't have something to clean, or wash or create or fix..i am lost..seriously! I don't watch TV-i forgot to bring a book and this is the note I got on the kitchen ISLAND:
LOVIN:Do not attempt to take care of the dog in any way-I have someone who does that and should you be there when they come by-wave and mumble. DO NOT even think about lighting a fire in the fireplace-i think we both know why. DO not COOK anything-it is a very complicated gas stove-just don't. there is lots of food in the refrig-eat it cold or microwave it. Drink anything you want-enjoy the deck-do not attempt to uncover the hotub, skinny ass girl..and i mean that! You may use the jet tub in the master bedroom...sigh..DO not go through my shit or handle anything that looks valuable please,spastic girl! have fun! your friend
so I am just drinking,scampering from floor to floor,playing music loud and later i will take a long hot bath in his huge tub and i will sooooo go through his shit-lol-i won't really..not my style
and I will be gone before he returns
nice to be in a place where you have nothing to do at all but wander around with yourself for an evening :)

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