Saturday, March 5, 2011

TATS and that..part 2

I visited the picture of my tattoo at least once a week for about a month..waiting..for what I wasn't sure. When you ask people who have tattoos about getting a tattoo you never get the same answer.
"Does it hurt?"
"hell yes"
" like having a baby-hurts like hell at the time and then you simply forget about it when it's over"
"minor discomfort"
"i really didn't think it hurt that bad."
"doesn't really hurt at all" CHECK-choosing to go with this answer!
" Where is the best place to get a tattoo in terms of pain avoidance?????"
" the arm!"
"thigh and the butt!"
"hip is good!"
"shoulder will be pain free! "
"any fat part-lol"
"avoid bony areas!!!" uh hell! well I'm screwed on this one
"What do I need to know before I go?"
"Don't drink the night before at all-makes it worse."
"drink before you go!"
"Go drunk"
"Better take a nerve pill before ya go!"
"Fine to drink the night before-doesn't matter on e way or another" CHECK-choosing to go with this answer.
The week before my birthday, I went to Beth's office and said, "This Saturday! I'll pick you up at 10:30 because I want to be there when they open, so I can go first!"
"Ahhh before the hungover riff raff stumbles in for their regular Saturday am tattoo!"
"You gonna have a few beers Friday night to build your courage up?"
" A few and a few of their buddies!! Did you decide you are getting?"
" Amnesty International symbol on my arm."
"Ahhhh cause nothing says , I am a sweet girl, like a little barbed wire tattooed on your arm!!!!"
"I AM AN ACTIVIST! You are getting little flowers and butterflies, what does that say about you"
"That I am a feisty, classy, intelligent, sexy princess and so shall I be treated!"
"BHAHAHAHA-nothing says feisty like a butterfly!!! YOU are a nut ball!"
"That too!"
For the past month I had endured daily grilling, arguing and pleading from Spawn about the tattoo.When i would calmly assert that YES I still intended to get one, he would have mock tantrums where he pretended to have seizures on the carpet when I said the word TATTOO. Those were fairly amusing to watch. In a nut shell-I was humiliating him, he would never be able to have friends over again , I was obviously going through a POST mid-life crisis ( since he determined i was too old for a MID-life crisis) I was too old for a tattoo and within months when my skin wrinkled to that of a 90 year old? my tattoo would look like a shriveled up prune of color, AND it was just TRASHY! WHITE TRASHY!
So it should come as no surprise the Saturday I picked to go was one when he wasn't home!
We were the first people there when they opened the doors and yet had to wait a bit because these people are LAID ASS BACK and in a hurry for nothing! Beth and I decided we would get ours done by the same person and she would sit with me while I got mine done and then I would sit with her.
So with great dread, excitement and sheer terror I got positioned sideways in a chair in the most awkward possible position with my pants pulled half down over my ass. WOW, so far..not so good! And I hoped like hell my granny was not watching from heaven-hoping it was her heavenly bridge day!
The artist started his tunes, sipped his coffee, chatted with Beth and started to work.
Can I just say... IT HURTS! No gray area here... HURTS!!!!!
After about 30 minutes, during which I did not whine, cry or sob like a baby, Beth walks around behind me to look.
"Looks good!"
"Is he done???!!!"
" No -he has just finished the outline! Gotta add the color!"
"I decided I don't WANT the color! " I'll take it as is!"
They both laughed and I got another 30 minutes of the same. I should have taken a nerve pill seriously!
But when it was over-whoever said you just forget about the pain was right. Beth got hers and we left two happy chicks and I was quite proud of myself!
Beth said, " I really liked "ROW BEE", didn't you? And what a cool name!"
"ROW BEE, our tattoo guy, very cool , very laid back!"
"Do you mean ROBBY?"
"No, his name was spelled "Roby"... ROW BEE"
"No, Beth "Roby" is Robby with one b and besides he said his name was ROBBY!"
"oh I must have missed that part. Well, that is rather ordinary name for a tattoo artist"
" REALLY? Well, let me just say I am not getting a tattoo from a guy named it!"
"got it!"
Always good to have a friend that will go with you to get a tattoo...and even though I can't actually see my tattoo without some major contortions in the mirror, I hear it looks good! ;)
And two months later I went back and got another one!

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  1. So when you are ready for the third let me know...I need mine filled in! :) lol