Tuesday, December 13, 2011

twinkle yourself!

Spawn/Mommy conversation....
M-Let's put up the icicle lights along the front of the house..as I recall from last year-it was pretty easy and didn't take alot of time!"
S"-"Yesssss..the reason, MOTHER, that you think it did not take alot of time last year is because we did not put them up last year!"
M-"Yes we did! We got the ladder out and put them up -i remember talking about it--several times!"
S-"Yessssss, MOTHER, we talked about it but then we figured out that the ladder wasn't high enough and that the lights had to be put up from the roof AND had we have done that..Mom, the lights would still be up from last year. Just saying."
So I got off early today and I brought the ladder around and attempted to string the lights until I figured out again the the ladder was not high enough. Not to be deterred-i went out on the roof-after breaking out a screen-i sort of had a frustrated "what the phuck would i do if there was a fire" moment and the screen lost but i was free ...to slowly scuttle like a crab- a long legged sexy ass crab ( lol cause no one was looking) to the edge of the roof-hello gutters!
So as I looked down on the ant size people below-just kidding there were no people but i kept having to pull the lights up from the ground and they kept falling down-scary. I thought-shit-I AM AN ACCIDENT waiting to happen. After a long,kind of controlled panicky, scoot down the roof-I GOT IT DONE!
I was so excited! And Spawn is right-those bitches are not coming down! Icicle lights say, " HAPPY NEW YEAR" "i love you" on Valentine's Day, "Happy Easter!" and well, they are just festive any time of of the year!
Happy Christmas..let your light shine!

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