Wednesday, December 7, 2011


m-" I need to let you know that the plans for this weekend ARE:
* find every dead flashlight in this house and replace the batteries
* replace the batteries in all the smoke detectors
* drain the water off the pool cover
* clean the shark tank
* bathe the dogs
* decorate the tree-I have given it 3 days to decorate itself and it's a stubborn and lazy tart and is evidently having none of that
* and you will need to clean your, you know, bathroom!"
m-"seriously...i will make hot chocolate and sing carols or small pieces of know what i can a medley..of sorts"
s-"WHERE is the fun in this????"
m-"IT will be a BYOF weekend!" :)
m-" Bring your own FUN!"
s-"How about BYOA."
s-"bring your own ATTITUDE!"
m-"Perfect! cause I plan on bringing mine too!!!! It's isn't like they don't don't each other! Yay for the four of us!"
Happy Weekend!

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