Friday, January 20, 2012

Sushi Rules

So I experienced the most insane cluster-phuck to pick Spawn up after his exam at 12 yesterday.  And those of you who really know me KNOW...I have issues with driving..traffic..difficult -ramps..traffic..merging...and stupid people!  Sorry-I got off track there.  Sigh...
Anyway we when actually escaped, I suggested we go get sushi and the Spawnster is always up for that!
I like consistency...just crazy that way!  So we always order 24 pieces. We order 2 that are our favorites and two new tries.
 I expect fairness..just my nature.  When it becomes clear that the two new tries are ...huh..not that great..I get a text. I fumble in my purse for my phone and it is a text from Spawn that reads "Hello"
I look up, he is smiling and  4 of the 6 favorites are gone.
M"HEY-simple math-6 pieces-I get 3."
S-"Sorry, Mom but simple homespun logic, 'you move you lose'"
S"OMG-there is your friend Julie!  Hi Julie!"
Yes I did, yes I did..I turned around and when I turned back from NOT seeing my friend Julie, all the favorite pieces were gone.  Ding Dang it!
M-"WE are going to have to have sushi rules from here on out!"
S-"OMG you have rules for EVERYTHING...we have to have sushi rules!!!!!"
M-"YES because I am paying for it with MY money!"
S-" Ahhh the flaw in your thinking ,Mom."
S-" Think about it?  Why do you work? You work to take care of me.  Roof over my head, clothes on my back, food in my belly.  Without me, you might just be laid up on a couch in some trailer eating
Oreos you bought with food stamps.  SOOOOO really it's my money! " :)
M-"WOW-that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!  Want to go ice cream!"
I have has the best week with Spawn this week!  He has told me he loves me everyday and I have not felt like killing him ONCE. Nice!

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  1. With those reasoning and arguing skills, I think you have an attorney in the making. Better save up for tuition