Wednesday, January 11, 2012

silver bridge and Cameron :(

So Spawn overhears me talking with someone on the phone about life insurance.  When I get off the phone he side hugs and says..
S-"I love you, Mommy!  I am so glad you are going to provide for me should you ..uh..die! AND I really appreciate that you want to be cremated...cause that is cheap!:
M-" No problem, son, and remember..if you can choose an alternative container..aka..cardboard casket..choose that!"
S-" you want an urn?  sprinkled?  What do you think about that?"
M-"you can sprinkle me off the silver bridge on River Road into the Tuckaseegee."
S-"Are you sure you don't want me to keep you with me-cause if you get life insurance I can spring for the urn?"
M-" yea pretty sure!"
S-" I also want to be cremated and sprinkled  on the floor of Cameron Indoor."
S-"YES-i want my ashes sprinkled there!"
M-"To be swept up and put in a trash can,,"
S-" In Cameron!"
M-"til they empty the trash...then on to a Durham landfill..."
S-"Ok, I did not think it through...could you break into Coach K's house and sprinkle tiny bits of he doesn't notice in his shoes and suit pockets?"!"
S-"Ok ,I will come up with a new plan..are you good with yours?"
M-"My plan would be that we don't have to deal with this for quite sometime and that I have some fun until then"
M-"Cardboard  casket, son."
S-" Whatever!"

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