Monday, January 9, 2012

eat this!

So my dad gave me a weed eater for Christmas.  Evidently, obsessively mixing weed killer and spray stalking weeds on every border-weekly-is not good for the ground water. Sorry!
I overheard dad and Spawn at asked what he wanted for Christmas and Spawn said "money".
D-" Your mother always asks for money and then uses it to pay a bill.  So we no longer give her money."
S-" I will SO NOT pay any bill if if you give me money!  I will buy something I want!"
Spawn got money and I got a big ass, pretty fierce looking weed eater AND some really cute little gray plastic cans of oil.  Now, I recently bought an electric trimmer which I am so beast with! I SOOOOO neatened all my trees and bushes with that! IT made me so happy, I considered asking my neighbor if I could trim his bushes too.  But I kind of think he may be a serial killer, who like goes out of town and kills people.  So I thought...nah.
 I also bought an electric blower that on any given day owns me or I own it.  It's a learning process!  But this weed eater...I read the manual twice..and clean the garage! :)
I may never learn to use the weed eater but it phucking looks boss in my clean garage!
Thanks dad!


  1. OOOOOhhhhh! A Stihl, be calm, my beating heart!

  2. Just don't let "A" have the weed eater given that she tries to wack her hand off.