Monday, November 7, 2011

winter and math

The first dark evenings of daylight saving time just depress me. It is winter's line in the sand and I despise winter like it is a racist/sexist/pajama in public wearing/ tea party zombie. I could go on but that's all the hating i got right now. I do not like the cold mornings! I do not like the cold nights! I do not like the cold days! I do not like snow or frost or slightly frosty. I do not like seeing my breath in the air. I do not like coats -although, yes i sort of do when it's COLD! I give coats a pass-just semi-hate them, like grocery shopping! :)
I am trying to stay up til 9 cause that is really 10. I went to bed at 8:30 last night cause it was really 9:30 and woke up at 4:30 which was really 5:30 and this is MATH..phucking MATH..yet another reason I hate winter. SERIOUSLY!
And this morning, as I rounded the "Lovin It" drive through..I morning, I am going to drive up and the pork and gravy biscuit will be gone! It will just happen without warning and I will be more depressed. Damn it!
On the upside-since my hormones ran out I am having quite tropical events while I try to sleep and quite frankly I love them! Although, I am finding Spawn slightly more annoying than usual and I am pretty sure I will be eating his Oreos if we get snowed in without power and he will have to open cans of cold peas..that i am not really sure why we have.
M-" I am going to have to go bed."
S-"Mom, it's 8:30!"
M-"It's really 9:30"
S-"no Mom-it's not-it's really 8:30. I am going to bed at 10-which is my bedtime.
M-"Which is really 11."
S-" MOTHER, no it's not but if you want to go to bed at 8:30, I am down with that-way more unsupervised time than I usually get!"
M-"I have things to do..staying up!" :)
phuck winter and your baby brother, fall. poohie! hate winter!

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  1. 99% agree, i really dont like coats, hats, sweats thermal anything( unless its keeps a beverage cold)..... and to think i left endless summer :(