Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WHEE as in Cullowhee :)

I am packing for my first ever vacation alone. I am going home for the first time in 10 years. That amazes me but 10 years ago my dad told me and my siblings that he was selling the farm in Cullowhee and buying a condo in Swannanoa.( ha- Swannanoa comes up as a misspelled word but the only suggestion is swanning. I seriously don't want to know what that is.) WHAT.. what? We were shell-shocked. We thought we would always have a place to come back to in Cullowhee, a place to bring our kids, so they would know Cullowhee too.( the misspelled suggestion for Cullowhee is callowness..huh)
Dad moved and I have not been back but I am so excited to be going home on my first EVER vacation alone! I am going home for the class of 1979's 50th Birthday Party! Our class is so awesome we are getting together for our collective 50th b-day!
Just so you know-I have never been to a class reunion and they have had them. Many since 1979 ..I never went..I was busy, I was broke, I was afraid. I didn't go.
But I am going to this because for the first time since I was 18, I realize these are people who mean alot to me. These are people who have known me since i was 5 (we had kindergarten through 12th grade in one building).
These are people I genuinely like!
S-"Are you taking someone to this class are, don't lie!"
M-" No I am not!"
M-"I totally intend to share really good times with my friends and just hook up there. The high school guys will be lookin fine!"
S-"MOM! You are WAY too old for them!!! I think I am going to be sick"
M-"WHAT! They are my could I be too old?"
S-" Oh phuck, I thought you were talking about real high school guys!"
I have to stop saying things just to get under Spawn's skin. It's so easy, it just seems unfair. :)
Coming home!!!!! WHEE!


  1. you hit the nail on the head....everytime i party with our classmates it's just the most natural thing, like we were never apart...they know the REAL me and still like me...guess when you spend ten years with people they become family... i think your son hit the nail on the head about the good-looking high school guys...even at our first 10 yr reunion i was shocked to see that most of them had lost their hair! However, I've gotten to the age where I'm starting to think bald is sexy...Can't wait to see you! joan

  2. I can't wait either! Don't remember when I have been this excited about something!