Thursday, October 6, 2011

breathe fire or hop away!

You know how you buy just one little thing, it speaks to you,makes you smile, fits in the palm of your hand,so you buy it. For you it is just a thing you saw and you liked. Then a friend or family sees it and say , "So do you like that?"
You say, "yes, yes ,I do." This seems to be an innocent is the knick knack KISS of DEATH response!
For the next 30 years you will receive from every friend and family member some variation of this thing for every birthday and holiday!!!! You will become overrun with it and on some level begin to resent the very little thing you admired.
For me it was frogs.....I have so many frogs in so many forms...i am ashamed. And I don't love them all-I hate 95% of them. I really liked the first frog I bought and so smiled and accepted the 50 million frogs and things-o-frog I got after that-that I didn't like. This is about other people. It is about "easy gift giving" and it has to stop! Please don't assume because a person has a frog they like that you are off the hook for 30 years with regard to creative gift-giving.
This point was really driven home to me when I brought Becky's house to my home. At some point she bought a dragon and by 62 year she had dragons EVERYWHERE. I think I have probably 67 dragon or dragon representations in my home right now. I am having a garage sale on Saturday and I am selling every phucking frog and dragon in this house. Cause I don't want Spawn's partner years from now when he has to grinch my house to say, "What the Phuck was up with your Mom and frogs???"
His response will probably be, "The frogs never bothered me, the fact that she refused to wear a bra after she got home from work traumatized me!"
Whatever! :)


  1. lol for me it was chickens!

  2. Too bad, sister. Every time I see a frog I think about you....saw one yesterday, as a matter-of-fact, a sparkly ornament one holding a bell over his head. Super cute. I always said "my sister just loves frogs." I wanted to love something that much...I tried cultivating a love for turtles...I think you gave me a few...but your frogs are tiny, and adorable. Except for that large, un-adorable one....
    I love you!