Tuesday, June 28, 2011

just stuff :)

Here is the thing about me....I have become, tragically, swirly, spin around and fall in fresh cut grass, happy with myself. :)
I like how i look in the mirror-full length,phuckers!
I go to work everyday and solve big problems. I pay all my bills and deal with all the money pit shit this house has to throw at me on what seems like a weekly basis. i battle the Spawn daily and try to navigate the pitfalls of being the old ass parent of a teen. And for now I think I am winning.
Really not a big fan of " love" and I don't think I ever will be again. But today I cleaned Spawn's bedroom because he is on vacation. I laid down on his bed after I put on clean sheets and made the bed and thought about all the times I watched him sleep in this bed or laid down beside him. I felt my heart swell and this love,this love I will always be a fan of. Then I cleaned his bathroom and I am so phucking glad he is gone for a week I can't stand it-sooooo disgusting! OMG! And i have not looked at at chicken nugget/hotdog/mini corndog for four days-YAY. NO whining..."soooooo bored", no snide comments,no eye cuts, no 14 year old advice on how to manage my life! Ahhhh peace!

Wow-sorry-so happy with myself in an empty house! :)

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