Friday, February 11, 2011

girl arrested...nah... arresting girl!

My first real job out of college was a manager position at BoJangles, took it because i wanted to move SOUTH...still love that chicken! The pay was $28,000,which was not chump change in 1985. It was a fine little job but I noticed that the local police department was hiring patrol officers. I thought about that for a couple days,my degree was in criminal justice,and decided to apply....just because. I got a call for an interview and decided to go have that experience..cause the job paid $11,000 and even in 1985...THAT, my friends, WAS chump change.
I went to the police department in my short black skirt, white blouse, black dress jacket and KILLER pumps and a "what the hell attitude" for the interview. My interview was at 2 and I checked in early. At 2 a man in uniform came into to the lobby-looked at me-looked at ALL the other empty chairs and left. At 2:15 he did the same thing. I thought..HELLO PHUCKER..I am the only one here! Another April Lovin is not going to appear in this lobby...I AM IT! At 2:20 he came out and said, "Are you April Lovin?" The receptionist starts laughing and he shoots her a hard look.
I am thinking, well hell yes dickwad. But I smile and say yes and walk behind him to a conference room full of men in uniform! lol! sorry , went to another place for a minute! ;)
Eight men in uniform, of varying ranks, seated behind several long tables pushed together. And a single chair in front of them about five feet back. LOL..I wasn't but I was in my head! I sashayed my ass to the chair ,sat down and crossed some pretty spectacular 25 year old legs , put my hands in lap and waited.
For two hours they bombarded me with questions that they clearly did not think I would know the answers to. Ahhhh BUT I did. I remembered every law case and it's significance. I remembered every governmental procedural class i had..well.. to be honest it was a PERFECT interview. I left happy and with the distinct feeling THEY were not!
I went back to my chicken and didn't give it a second thought -except how damn satisfying to sit in a room of men and really, really give them no reason to find fault with you and look pretty hot doing it! I will remember how I felt walking out of that interview for the rest of my lie! I knew they were not going to offer me the job but I knew that I had blown them away. So a week later the CHIEF calls and offers me the job. and for some reason ...I took it!
On my first day, the CHIEF, called me into his office and said, "Lovin, understand, I did not want to hire you. I don't like you. You only got hired because you have a degree and you are a ..."
I cock an eyebrow....thinking, you know, chief, you do not want to say the "W" don't and he didn't-lol.
He said most of these boys don't have degrees and they are more officer than you will ever be,keep your mouth shut even you know the answer and welcome aboard!"
phucker! to be continued.... cause it is just all funny!

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  1. ...and the upshot is?..... you are the hammer!