Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cartoon Network and beaver picnics!

OK-after two weeks of personally battling the swarming termites,armed and in my own home with my now SEVEN cans of flying insect spray, I have decided to let the big guns have a shot. Not that I haven't killed like a million of them and enjoyed every minute of it but they don't seem frightened by my hot ,long-legged, tanned, armed with death spray, bad-ass self. I called the big bug people-they are sending an inspector out tomorrow.
The scheduling dude said " Ma'am, your inspector (lol) will be out tomorrow between 4 pm and 6 pm."
M-"Will he have a bug on the truck???"
Dude-"No ma'am we don't have bugs on our trucks. Your inspec-TOR's name is Rocky Bravo and he will have proper ID."
Dude-"Excuse me?"
M-"Seriously-his name is Rocky Bravo..seriously?"
Dude-"YES it is."
M-" I wonder if he is kin to Johnny Bravo????"
M-"Awesomely funny cartoon on Cartoon Network about 10 years ago!!!"
Dude-"OK Ma'am-Johnny will be there tomorrow between 4 and 6."
M-"Rocky will be here, Johnny Bravo is a cartoon."
Dude-"yes, Rocky. thank you for calling."
I am sooooooooo excited!!!! A bug inspec-TOR named Rocky Bravo is coming to my house tomorrow to tell me how many billions of dollars i am going to have to spend to protect my house from getting chewed like wood at a beaver picnic! ain't nothing wrong with a beaver picnic as long as it isn't your wood...i mean house!
Anyway-i am pretty psyched about meeting Rocky Bravo and this led Spawn and I to have a conversation about all the great cartoons I suffered through that he loved...and we agreed Dexter's Laboratory was our favorite. He doesn't remember Johnny Bravo but I do :)

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